July 6, 2023

Our Process: Learn How Easy it is to Get Approved & Leave with a Vehicle the Same Day!

Learn How Easy it is to Get Approved

At Vamos Auto, we will do anything to get you approved for financing and get you in the used car you want! We have a record of accomplishment for going above and beyond with our customers is not the only reason we have stellar reviews, but also why our customers keep coming back.

Our own Vamos Auto Opportunity Director (DOER) recently shared her experience with a client who got a vehicle the same day while completing the application process from her work desk. The client was unable to make it to the dealership in-person, and when other car dealerships failed to accommodate her schedule, Vamos Auto went the extra mile to assist her. After our customer submitted her initial paperwork online (www.vamosauto.us/start), she was contacted by a DOER who would help her throughout the entire process of purchasing a car making all of the industry terminology and financial terms easy to understand. The Opportunity Director then thoroughly reviewed the related paperwork over the phone while the client was at work!

Learn How Easy it is to Get Approved

Our excited customer submitted her required documents, proof of income, proof of residency, with her ID and she was quickly approved. Just like we have done for this customer, if you cannot come in to see us in person, one of our DOERS can meet with you over the phone to work through the process of getting you a vehicle. Nosotros Hablamos Español!

“In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.”

— Grant Meagher, Developer

Learn How Easy it is to Get Approved

Clients are able to fill out closing documents anywhere via Docusign, a platform which also allows clients to digitally sign their contracts on any device, obtain their own copy of the paperwork and take their time reading over fine print. Unlike other car dealerships that make it impossible to get a car without being available in-person, Vamos Auto does everything in its power to get you approved and in a car as quickly as possible.

As you can see, properly educating the customer throughout the car-buying and loan approval process is of utmost importance to the team at Vamos Auto. Team members will help provide clarity to any aspects of the loan or title agreements that might seem confusing, especially for first-time buyers! It is common for our clients to have never experienced the car-buying process before, and we are here to help and assist the customer every step of the way.